Huddersfield Monster Truck Show and Funfair

Live Action Monster Truck Entertainment and Funfair

13-14th July 2024
FARTOWN ARENA, Huddersfield, HD2 2SA

Sponsored and Designed

An RA Event
RA Events in Newcastle Huddersfield


1. Are children charged for entry?
Children under the age of two are granted free entry. Individuals aged two and above are required to purchase a ticket.
2. Is there a fee for carers attending the event?
Yes, all attendees, including carers, are required to purchase an entry ticket. We strive to maintain affordable pricing to accommodate all participants.
3. Is parking available at the event venue?
Currently, there is no parking available on-site.
4. How much do the fairground rides and attractions cost?
Details regarding the pricing for fairground rides and attractions will be announced shortly.
5. What are the entrance ticket prices?
Entrance tickets are priced at £6.50. Prices for rides and attractions will be disclosed soon.
6. What is the name and location of the venue, and is parking available?
The event will be held at Fartown Arena. Parking is available on-site and is payable upon arrival.
7. Will vendors and rides accept both cash and card payments?
Yes, transactions can be made using either cash or card.
8. Where can I find more information about this event?
This is a newly organized event, currently promoted exclusively via Facebook.
9. Can tickets be purchased on the day of the event?
No, tickets must be purchased in advance. Once sold out, no additional tickets will be available.
10. Will there be confirmation sent after purchasing tickets?
Yes, an email confirmation containing all booking details will be sent by our ticketing partner, Ticket Source.
11. Is the venue accessible for wheelchair users?
Yes, the venue is wheelchair accessible.
12. What does the ticket price include?
The ticket provides entrance to the venue.
13. How many trucks will be present at the event?
There will be two trucks attending the event.
14. Is the event pet-friendly?
Yes, pets are welcome at the event.
15. What are the show times and duration?
Show times are yet to be confirmed, but each session will feature one show lasting approximately 50 minutes.
16. What happens if the event is cancelled?
Cancellation would occur only under severe weather conditions that pose a risk to public safety. While we have never had to cancel an event before, the unpredictable nature of weather in England means it cannot be ruled out entirely. However, scheduling the event in July minimizes the likelihood of cancellation. Attendees have the option to purchase cancellation insurance through Ticket Source.
17. Is there a licensed bar available on-site?
Yes, we have a licensed bar on-site for attendees.
18. Are attendees permitted to bring their own food and drinks?
Only essential items are allowed to be brought into the event to ensure the comfort and safety of all guests.
19. Will there be first aid and security on-site?
Yes, we will employ a local security firm and first aid team to ensure the safety and well-being of all attendees.
20. Will food vendors be available at the event?
A diverse selection of food units will be available, offering something for everyone. Details on offerings and prices will be provided soon.
21 Ticket issues and support?
We have partnered with to provide the event ticketing, any questions relating to tickets can be resolved by visiting or call 0333 666 4466.
Thank you for your interest in our event. We look forward to welcoming you to the Fartown Arena.